Finding Joy In Chaos Family Photography Course

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Hi, I'm BreAnne Weston. I'm so happy and honored you are here investing in you, your business and your clients! For two years, I've hosted 6 (sold out!), Finding Joy In Chaos workshops and retreats. While I have loved meeting, crying, laughing and hanging out with each of my now friends (attendees), I understand it's hard for some to travel and fit it into your busy lives. So, here I am, releasing an online course for all of you! Come as you are, in your sweats, messy top bun and bring a pint of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream to learn how to find the joy in chaos. 

For 7 years, I've been photographing families and throughout that time, I've perfected the gift of observation. I love seeing how we all receive love, joy and purpose through connection. It has been incredibly fulfilling to be able to translate that into images that my clients can cherish forever, all while managing the chaos that inevitably comes with family pictures. I want to teach you the “secrets” I’ve learned along the way, so you too, can capture the beauty and joy in the chaos and keep your clients coming back year after year.

What I teach? (over 5 hours of content!)

1. Self Discovery

2.  Recovering from a rut

3. What gear I use

4. Camera settings

5. Kelvins white balance

6. Session preparation for you and your clients

7. Guiding my clients on what to wear

8. Get Dad on board

9. Rewards during sessions

10. Session flow

11. Posing & seeing beyond it

12. Editing (Lightroom) - Creamy skin tones, the perfect greens, editing different lighting situations, tools and brushes in light room. This video does not teach with my new presets I’ve made. It’s still very beneficial and if you were to buy my presets, the preset folder comes with a tutorial (in the pdf) that shows you how to tweak. They both compliment each other. You’re able to see a more in-depth editing process here but still learn with my preset tutorial how to do the tweaks with my new presets.

13. 3 virtual BTS family sessions (2 outdoor, 1 in home) Lightly go over lighting during these sessions.


Bonus Content:  

1 more virtual family session (outdoor)

PDF containing popular topics covered to make referring back to easy, what to wear store suggestions to provide to clients, editing tips and preset purchase link, discount code to BreAnne Weston Family Posing Guide, link to FB Group where you can ask questions, received continued education and make friends with other course attendees, etc. 



Sharing or redistributing this course is a violation of copyright law and will be subject to fines up to $10,000. Legal action will be pursued.  

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Finding Joy In Chaos Family Photography Course

13 ratings
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